What Would You Trade 10 Of Your Blogcatalog Friends For?

Here’s a really funny one (I think): There’s a new Facebook application that would would give you a Burger King Whopper (yep, the store that sells, uh, the Whopper) in exchange for 10 of your Facebook friends. All you have to do is delete 10 of your friends. The application is called the Whopper Sacrifice.

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RSS Technology and The New Information Age

"Gone are the days when you needed to pick up a newspaper to get your news, or wait for the 6 o’clock news to find out what’s happening in your town or around the world. Now more than ever, up-to-the-minute technology is fusing into our lives, enabling us to not only choose when to read out news, but what news to read and where to read them."

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The Lying Bastards

"BE careful when submitting links or at least be aware.

Interesting thing I discovered today. One of the forums I’m involved in has a new member (for a few weeks) that has introduced herself twice now and I’m convinced she is just promoting her own forum and Hosting site…"

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Want to Become another John Chow?

"Let me continue the discussion on my decision to stop writing sponsored reviews. I did some justification why writing sponsored reviews is not going to help you in the long term. I wanted to clarify further on two issues, raised by fellow bloggers, on this sponsored reviews discussion."

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Google Adsense Tips

"Google AdSense allows for internet site publishers to display contextually relevant advertisings on their internet site. Whenever a online visitor "clicks" on an advert, the internet publisher will earn a percentage of the advertisement revenue generated as a answer of the click. A lot of webmasters accept built articles internet site* around the Google AdSense example. In a lot of cases the particular intent of the webmaster is to profit from Google AdSense. Other webmasters use Google AdSense to supplement their revenue. Regardless of the webmaster's intent, the following tips will help webmasters looking to benefit from AdSense."

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Why Being SEO Friendly is important to your Site?

"You spent a good deal, worked hard for many days and nights and built a great website, but alas! it doesn't get enough visitors. There are millions upon millions of pages of web content out there and your website is totally lost in the shuffle, like the proverbial needle in a haystack. When search engines ignore your site, your site becomes non-existent in the cyber world. The real problem with your website is that it failed to harness the most cost-effective and powerful Internet marketing strategy: Search Engine Optimization (SEO)!"

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Blogging Tip : Should We Build Multiple, Similar Blogs?

"One common misconception from first-time bloggers is that there can only be a few blogs writing about the same “stuff,” and that as an individual, you cannot have multiple blogs about quite similar subjects. These two topics are often discussed, and unless you live in a world where there is no competition, they do not hold true."

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Key Factors to a Successful Blog

"Everyone who starts blogging would like to become successful. Success can be achieved and interpreted in different ways. Most bloggers are inclined to measure success by the number of traffic or visits generated by their blogs while some bloggers claim themselves successful when they effectively monetize their blogs. However you define and measure success in Blogging, Blogging Mix will be a useful concept for bloggers who aspire to become successful."

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How to Add Meta Tags to Blogger(Blogspot)?

"I have already written about Meta Tags which gives a clear concept of what are met tags and how can they help in Search Engine Optimization. A blogger contacted me asking how to add meta tags like meta keywords, description etc. to a blogger.com(blogspot) blog. Then I repented that I did not mention about adding meta tags in that post. However, in this post I will tell you step by step procedure of adding meta tags to a blogger.com/blogspot blog."

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Impress Your Readers with Image and Text Generators

"Images are a way to commute and impress. An image customized to your blogging needs is a resource...if you blog in part-time and you do not have enough time or if you can not do photo- editing, you may be on the backgear...In this post, I have listed some of the best image and text generators out in the network that may be interesting to bloggers."

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