Squidoo Internet Marketing Benefits

"Squidoo.com is a site that was designed to provide a convenient platform for people to share information about their interests or expertise in a wide variety of topics. I often think of it as a free blogging platform, an information portal, and an article directory all rolled into a single domain. It is usually categorized as falling under the Web 2.0 umbrella of social media sites, and for this reason among others, Squidoo has many benefits and useful applications for the budding Internet marketer. Here are some of the reasons you might want to take advantage of Squidoo’s potential if you are not doing so already:"

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Why Every Blog Should Have a Contact Form

"Blogs are becoming more popular both for business and personal use. When creating your blog there are certain features that you should include. One of these features is a contact form, which is a simple addition to your blog but can have many advantages. Perhaps you don’t think that users will really need to contact you, but here are some reasons why you should make it as easy as possible for them to do so."

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10 Tips, Tricks, and Cautions to Benefit any Work from Home Business

"A Work from Home Business in Internet Marketing is an admirable and potentially very lucrative venture. Doing it right the first time is difficult at best. There are so many areas to master, that information overload usually occurs before you even know where to start. The following Top 10 Tips, Tricks, and Cautions will help you avoid the Home Business pitfalls."

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Entrecard AdSense TOS

"Sorry to burst your bubble, but if you're using Entrecard and AdSense together then you're probably lucky to still have your AdSense account. The reason: AdSense and Traffic Exchange Programs together break the rules of Adsense. It just so happens that Entrecard is a Traffic Exchange Program. Therefore, Entrecard users are breaking the rules of AdSense when they use the two programs together."

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Search Engine Traffic

"Most of us don’t bother about search engine traffic anymore these days since the existence of social networking services like MySpace, Friendster, Facebook, Digg, Stumbleupon, Yahoo Buzz, Entrecard, Blogcatalog, Mybloglog, etc. Of course, the traffic at social networks sites rules the world of Internet. If a webmaster who don’t utilize this social traffic to their clients, then he or she might face a lot of hardship to achieve their target traffic that they need to provide to their customer."

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The Latest Trend in Blogging - Vblogging: Is it for you?

"Blogs gained popularity amongst people because with these you could easily hide your identity as well as discuss the subjects about which you feel the most. However, vblogging is changing the anonymity involved in blogging."

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Are blog communities better than individual blogs?

"One of my readers, Sajjaad sent me an e-mail few days back and asked me this question. He wanted to know whether starting a blog in a blog community was in fact better than starting an individual blog in a free blogging platform"

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Entrecard Upgrades its RAM

"In our constant effort to maximize Entrecard’s performance and speed, we have just doubled the RAM on our Database server. We saw this as the single most performance-enhancing move we could make to improve the speed and service stability, and we’re quite glad we made it."

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WordPress 2.7 Released

"WordPress 2.7, code named “Coltrane” after John Coltrane, an American jazz saxophonist and composer, was released last night (December 10th) to the general public, after Release Candidate 2 was released just the day before. This is one of the most significant updates since the release of version 2.6 in July."

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